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YP Education: Launch Your International Career in Hospitality and Beyond

YP Education is a leading education institute in Myanmar (Southeast Asia), empowering individuals with the skills and qualifications sought after by international companies. We are renowned for our top-rated programs, including those delivered in partnership with ICM UK, our pioneering approach to international career preparation, and position as the leading provider of interns from Myanmar to many countries such as Thailand

 More Than Just a Hotel School: While our highly respected hospitality programs have established us as a leader in the field, YP Education offers a diverse curriculum designed to equip you for a range of successful careers. We go beyond traditional education, providing:

Industry-Specific Training: Gain practical skills and knowledge relevant to your desired career path. Abroad Job Preparation Courses: Prepare for seamless integration into the international workforce, focusing on language proficiency and cultural awareness.

Diverse Curriculum: Explore a wide range of programs beyond hospitality, empowering you for success in various industries.

YP Education – Your Gateway to Global Opportunities:

Internationally Recognized Programs: Our curriculum includes programs developed in partnership with prestigious institutions like ICM UK, ensuring your qualifications gain international recognition.

Regional Collaboration: We actively collaborate with local, ASEAN, and international organizations, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Skills Testing Excellence: YP Education is a model of excellence in Hotel and Tourism Skills Testing, aligning our programs with both National Competencies (NSSA Approved) , aligning with ASEAN MRA-TP Competencies and with Ministry of Hotel and Tourism MOHT.


A Thriving Community: Over 1,000 Strong Alumni Network: Connect with a network of successful graduates exceeding 1,000 individuals across various industries.

Investing in Your Future: YP Education is dedicated to supporting talented students. We award approximately 50 full scholarships annually, making education accessible to deserving individuals.

Our Growing Network:

Myanmar: Our headquarters are located in Yangon, Myanmar, with an additional office in Mandalay established in 2024 (YP Mandalay Office).

Thailand: We operate a branch in Thailand using a hybrid model, expanding access to our programs across the region.

Partner with YP Education and Unlock Your Potential! We offer the skills and experience to excel in the exciting world of hospitality and various other career paths. Whether you dream of an international hospitality career or success in another industry, YP Education provides the foundation for your future.

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