NSSA Approved - Abroad Job preparation course

Click on the tabs to find certified students. ABROAD JOB PREPARATION COURSE

Click on the tabs to find certified students. ABROAD JOB PREPARATION COURSE

Mi Khin Yadanar Thein _ Housekeeping

Myat Thazin Oo _ Housekeeping

Hnin Thazin Htike _ Housekeeping

Zin Min Htut _ Food and Beverage

Pann Phyu _ Housekeeping

Thin Myat Mon _ Food and Beverage

Zay Zay Myint Aung _ Food and Beverage

Wai Yan Min Htet _ Food and Beverage

Phyu Phyu Phway _ Food and Beverage

Ei Pwint Phyu _ Front Office

Win Theingi Zaw _ Housekeeping

Kyaw Swar Thein _ Food and Beverage

Nan Hsu Dahlia Htun _ Front Office

Aung Htoo Aye _ Front Office

Khin Soe Nyein _ Food and Beverage

Moe Thandar Win _ Food and Beverage

Zin Myo Nwe _ Food and Beverage

Khwar Nyo Thin _ Food and Beverage/FO

Aung Phyo Wai _ Housekeeping

May Thazin Aung _ Food and Beverage

Hsu Lub May Thawtar _ Front Office

Lin Latt _ Front Office

Theint Htet Htet Oo _ Food and Beverage

Win Nan Dar Swe _ Front Office

May Myat Noe Chit _ Food and Beverage

Aung Pyae Phyo _ Food and Beverage

Sai Phone Aung Hein _ Food and Beverage

Pann Eaindray _ Front Office

Ju Kay Khine Htet _ Front Office

Thin Yu Nwe _ Food and Beverage

Kyaw Zayar Tun _ Food and Beverage

Thadar Hnin Thant _ Food and Beverage

Khine Thazin Phoo _ Food and Beverage

Nan Mu Mu Aung _ Food and Beverage

Ei Ei Nyein _ Front Office

Hsu Thiri San _ Front Office

Ei Thae Phyo _ Food and Beverage

Noble Thein _ Food and Beverage

Hanni Yamin Cho _ Food and Beverage

Lwin Myo Tun _ Food and Beverage

Min Naing Oo _ Food and Beverage

Phyo Khant Kyaw _ Food and Beverage

Chaw Htet Htet Aung _ Front Office

Than Maung _ Food and Beverage

Pyae Sone Win _ Food and Beverage

Htet Wai Yan Oo _ Food and Beverage

Aye Nu Zin Oo _ Food and Beverage

May Phoo Lwin _ Food and Beverage

Htet Naing Tun _ Food and Beverage

Aung Phyo Hein _ Food and Beverage

Aung Hein Paing _ Front Office

Naw Hser Gay Phaw _ Food and Beverage

Pyae Sone Kyaw Thu _ Food and Beverage

Tha Zin Than _ Food and Beverage

Cho Nwe Win _ Front Office

Nann Aye Dezin Soe _ Front Office

Su Yamin _ Food and Beverage

Chit Lin Maung _ Food and Beverage

Ye Htet Aung _ Food and Beverage

Khant Min San _ Food and Beverage

Shwe Zin Win _ Food and Beverage

Nay Lin Thu Rein Tun _ Food and Beverage

Shwe Yamone Oo _ Front Office

Aung Pyae Phyo _ Food and Beverage

Pyae Pyae Zaw _ Housekeeping

Chaw Thet Htar Zaw _ Food and Beverage

Aye Chan Nyi Nyi _ Food and Beverage

Hsu Myat Noe _ Housekeeping

Linn Wathan _ Food and Beverage

Darli Thandar Aung _ Front Office

Oung _ Front Office

Khine Khine Shwe _ Front Office

Nay San Oo _ Food and Beverage

Yoon Myint Mo Thant _ Food and Beverage

Thidar Lin _ Housekeeping

Wai Yan Phyo _ Housekeeping

Thaw Zin Aung _ Housekeeping

Kyaw Lin Htet Ko Ko _ Housekeeping

Zin Thwe Thwe Htun _ Food and Beverage

Pwint Ei Thazin Oo _ Food and Beverage

Kyal Sin Theint _ Front Office

Zar Kyi Hlaing _ Food and Beverage

Su Myat Mon _ Food and Beverage

Aye Su Myat _ Housekeeping

Hmwe Hmwe Sint _ Food and Beverage

Sue Sha Aung _ Food and Beverage

Thet Naing Lin _ Food and Beverage

Khant Sithu _ Food and Beverage

Myat Thandar Aung _ Food and Beverage

Phyo Phyo _ Housekeeping

Han Thwe Tun _ Food and Beverage

Ei Su San _ Front Office

Phyu Thant Kyi _ Food and Beverage

Myat Noe Khine _ Food and Beverage

Thu Ta Zaw _ Food and Beverage

Moe Min Htun _ Food and Beverage

Ei Ei Mon _ Food and Beverage

Moe Sandar Myint _ Food and Beverage

Htet Myint Htun _ Front Office

Khin Yadanar Moe _ Food and Beverage

Han Lin Htet _ Housekeeping

Hsu Yadanar Hlaing _ Front Office

Khine Thazin _ Food and Beverage

Nandar Lin _ Food and Beverage

Su Mon Hlaing _ Front Office

Mi Aung Paing Son _ Food and Beverage

Thet Thet Mon _ Housekeeping

Su Sandi Kyaw _ Food and Beverage

Phyu Zin Oo _ Housekeeping

Nyi Nyi Toe _ Housekeeping

San Thawtar Aung _ Front Office

Yee Yee Thin _ Food and Beverage

Thet Thet Soe Oo _ Food and Beverage

Ei Sandar Htun _ Front Office

Myat Kay Khine _ Front Office

Win Khant Kyaw _ Food and Beverage

Ye Htet Naing _ Food and Beverage

Nant Yoon Mi Mi Zaw _ Food and Beverage

Aung KoKo _ Food and Beverage

May Zin Oo _ Food and Beverage

Sing Sian Mung _ Housekeeping

Thet Moe Pyae _ Housekeeping

Thiri Shwe Eain _ Food and Beverage

Kaung Htet Zaw _ Food and Beverage

Thet Shwe Yee Hnin _ Food and Beverage

Mee Mee Kyo Kyar _ Food and Beverage

Thiri Zin _ Housekeeping

Khant Nyar Aung _ Food and Beverage

Chit Ko Ko _ Housekeeping

Aung Nyi Nyi Kyaw _ Housekeeping

Moe Moe Ingyin _ Food and Beverage

Gantgor Thet Lwin _ Food and Beverage

Dar Ei Yinn _ Housekeeping

San Htet Lin _ Front Office

Myo Sett Paing _ Front Office

Kyaw Min Htet Ko Ko _ Housekeeping

Naw Kathryn _ Food and Beverage

Thura Zaw _ Housekeeping

Win Myint _ Front Office

Su Myat Mon _ Front Office

Nant Khin Aye Kyu _ Food and Beverage

Saw Yu Nwe _ Front Office

Kyaw Naing Win _ Housekeeping

Khine Aye Mon _ Food and Beverage

Khin Zar Ni Kyaw _ Food and Beverage

Aye Kay Khine Myint _ Food and Beverage

Khin Mar Lar _ Housekeeping

Yin Hmawe Oo _ Food and Beverage

Phyo Arzarni _ Front Office

Naw Moo Tha Khu _ Front Office

May Phyo Thant _ Food and Beverage

Thidar Aung _ Food and Beverage

Thu Thu Zin _ Food and Beverage

Khin Myanmar Linn _ Food and Beverage

Ye Yint Htet _ Housekeeping

Min Htet Aung _ Housekeeping

Ei Kay Khaing _ Food and Beverage

Nay Linn Htun _ Front Office

Manuele Chit Maung _ Housekeeping

Hnin Wai Thin _ Food and Beverage

Kaung Khant Mg Mg _ Food and Beverage

Thant Zin Aung _ Housekeeping

Zin Myo Naing _ Food and Beverage

Thaw Tar Tun _ Front Office

Wint War Hlaing _ Food and Beverage

Thandar Oo _ Food and Beverage

Soe Myat Nwe _ Housekeeping

Zin Min Thu _ Front Office

Lae Yee Moe _ Food and Beverage

Nang Kham Lar _ Housekeeping

Thuta Zaw _ Food and Beverage

May Thazin Phoo _ Front Office

Wint Thinzar Kyaw _ Food and Beverage

Aung Khant Zaw _ Food and Beverage

Nareerat Lwin _ Front Office

Khaing Min Soe _ Food and Beverage

Kaung Khant Ko _ Food and Beverage

Nan Yupar Aung _ Food and Beverage

Ye Htet Kyaw _ Food and Beverage

Hsu Myat Mon _ Housekeeping

Aung Kyaw Soe _ Housekeeping

Thawdar Chan Myae _ Food and Beverage

Win Ko Ko _ Food and Beverage

Khin Htike San _ Housekeeping

Myat Myat Su _ Housekeeping

Zin Mae Po _ Food and Beverage

Shine Htet Aung _ Housekeeping

Thandar Aung _ Food and Beverage

Shwe Sin Soe _ Food and Beverage

Steven Ram Tin Thang _ Housekeeping

Minn Khant Kyaw _ Food and Beverage

Naw Thet Po Po Soe _ Housekeeping

Naw Su Ohnmar Kyaw _ Housekeeping

Mai Thin Yu Hlaing _ Food and Beverage

Nay Myo Aung _ Housekeeping

Htet A Kri Kyawt _ Housekeeping

Khin Wutt Hmone Aung _ Housekeeping

Thwal Thwal Aung _ Food and Beverage

Eaint Thwe Zin Kyaw _ Food and Beverage

Aye Nyein Phyo _ Front Office

Yar Zar Min Htet _ Food and Beverage

Yea La _ Front Office

Cho Thae _ Food and Beverage

Wai Yan Myint _ Food and Beverage

Ei Zin Moe _ Front Office

Hsu Lae Yadanar _ Food and Beverage

Nandar Tun _ Food and Beverage

Eaint Myat Myo Thwin _ Food and Beverage

Sarah Tin Cer Thluai _ Front Office

Thiha Aung Win _ Front Office

Yan Linn Kyaw _ Food and Beverage

Soe Lin Aung _ Food and Beverage

Mya Thet Chal _ Front Office

Saw Aung Naing Htwe _ Housekeeping

May Myat Theingi _ Food and Beverage

Swan Htet Paing _ Food and Beverage

Naing Lin Htet _ Food and Beverage

Phyu Phyu Khaing _ Front Office

Thein Zaw _ Front Office

Eaindra Moe Myint _ Food and Beverage

Nyein Oo Hlaing _ Food and Beverage

Phyo Theinge Hlaing _ Front Office

Yu Sandar Aung _ Food and Beverage

Ei Shwe Sin Win _ Housekeeping

Htoo Tint New _ Food and Beverage

Lin Latt Moe Oo _ Food and Beverage

Soe Thiha Aung _ Food and Beverage

Pyae Sone Aung _ Food and Beverage

Hsu Myat Thinzar Swe _ Food and Beverage

Kyaw Zay Latt _ Front Office

Aye Sabal Htun _ Food and Beverage

Hsu Thet Paing _ Food and Beverage

Aung Zin Hein _ Food and Beverage

Ngone Ngone Saw Satt _ Food and Beverage

Htoo Khaung _ Food and Beverage

Kaung Thiha Zaw _ Food and Beverage

Thazin Phyu _ Housekeeping

Nwe Thazin Phway _ Housekeeping

Su Myat Wai _ Housekeeping

Myat Su Aung _ Housekeeping

Shoon Yati _ Housekeeping

May Thein Toe _ Food and Beverage


Wai Phyo Thu _ Housekeeping

Htun Eaindra Win _ Food and Beverage

Khine Hayman _ Food and Beverage

May Moh Moh Aung _ Food and Beverage

Nann Seinn Khin Oo _ Front Office

Aung Thu Hein _ Front Office

Nay Nanda _ Food and Beverage

Thon Zin Zin _ Food and Beverage

Hein Thura _ Food and Beverage

Kyaw Zin Win _ Housekeeping

Phyo Thiri Maung _ Front Office

Lal Ro Muana _ Food and Beverage

Saw Flar Gay Muu _ Housekeeping

Yin Yin Hlaing - Food and Beverage

Nan Aye Pyae San - Food and Beverage

Kaung Sitt Thway - Food and Beverage

Aung Thura - Food and Beverage

Kyaw Thu Aung - Food and Beverage

Kaung Htet Oo - Food and Beverage

Hau Tawi Nuam - Front Office

Moe Pwint - Food and Beverage

Ei Myat Ko Ko - Food and Beverage

Pyae Phyo Oo - Food and Beverage

Thae Thae Hnin Aye - Food and Beverage

Swe Myat Phone Thant - Front Office

Theint Thu Zun - Food and Beverage

Ya Min Zaw - Food and Beverage

Ye Min Htun - Food and Beverage

Kyaw Linn Tun - Housekeeping

Nu Nu Yin -  Food and Beverage

Theint La Pyae Aung - Food and Beverage

Aung Ko Min -  Food and Beverage

Ei Thae Phyu -  Food and Beverage

Zaw Myo Lwin -  Housekeeping

Sandy Htwe -  Food and Beverage

Zayar Aung  - Housekeeping

Chit Nan Oo  - Housekeeping

Thet Phoo Mon  - Food and Beverage

Htet Myat Lwin -  Food and Beverage

Htet Wati Phyo  - Food and Beverage

Pyae Sone Zaw  - Food and Beverage

Myo Thant Ko Ko  - Housekeeping

Khin May Win  - Food and Beverage

Ye Zaw Htet  - Food and Beverage

Aung Paing Soe -  Food and Beverage

Aung Min Swe  - Housekeeping

Htet Sandi Lwin -  Food and Beverage

Hnin Myat Noe Htun  - Food and Beverage

Zin Wine  - Food and Beverage

Su Myat Zar Ni _ F&B

Nang Khin Poeei Aung _ F&B

Sai Minn Khant Kyaw _ FO

Aung Khant Paing _ F&B

Hsu Shwe Yee Pwint _ FO

Htut Aung Aye _ F&B

Phyo Thiri Han _ F&B

Naing Arkar _ F&B

Lal Than Liana _ HK

Hsu Pyae Khin _ F&B

Lin Lin Tun _ F&B

Zar Chi Khin _ FO

Tsam Rawng _ HK

Hnit Oo Wai _ F&B

Theint Nandar Soe _ F&B

Linn Htay Linn _ F&B

Thin Lae Lae Han _ F&B

Kaung Satt Thu _ F&B

Khoon Sint Tha _ F&B

Mary Shine _ F&B

Myat Su Thwe _ FO

Reng Rem Thanga _ F&B

Zarni Htun _ F&B

Zir Sang Liana _ HK

Aung Thu Htet _ FO

Ya Min Cho _ HK

Theint Thazin Htwe _ F&B

Vanlalmuanpula _ F&B

Phyo Zaw Hein _ F&B

Hmue Pyi Sone Khaing _ F&B

Shwe War Htun _ F&B

Naw Reign Kid Sho _ F&B

Ingyin Hmwe _ F&B

Khun Thwal Thwal _ F&B

Shin Thant Yi _ F&B

Zue Myat Maung _ HK

Thet Mon Wintt _ F&B

Thu Zan Tun _ F&B

Min Htet _ F&B

Hnin Inzali _ F&B

Min Banyar Thaike _ HK

Chit Myat Noe Thwe _ FO

Naw Elvinar Shwe _ FO

Khin Khin Kaung _ FO

Arkar Myint Myat _ F&B

Khin Chan Myae Kyaw _ F&B

Si Thu Aung _ HK

Shoon Lett Yee Kyaw _ F&B

Kyel Sin Lin Latt _ F&B

Khine Thinzar Lwin _ F&B

Naw Cynthia Kyaw _ F&B

Saw Tin Naing Htut _ F&B

Thidar Win _ F&B

Zaw Win Naung _ F&B

Yoon Ei Lwin _ FO

Su Sandi Zaw _ F&B

Kyu Kyu Hmwe _ F&B

Eaint Myat Chal _ FO

Thet Oo Zin _ F&B

Han Nway Oo _ F&B

Hsu Myat Nandar _ F&B

Su Sandar Lwin _ F&B

Soe Yu Nwe _ F&B

Kyaw Kyaw Han _ F&B

Hnin Myat Thu _ F&B

Zin Zin Aung _ F&B

Khine Myat Mon _ FO

Myint Zu Hlaing _ FO

Zin Mar Nwe _ F&B

Chit Min Thu _ F&B

Aye Aye Khine _ F&B

Sai Wai Lin Naung _ F&B

Thu Thu San _ HK

Thet Phyo Lwin _ F&B

Thet Paing Oo _ F&B

Myat Thu Ko _ FO

Paing Phyo Zin _ F&B

Shune Lae Win _ F&B

Zin Ko Htet _ F&B

Eaint Myet Chal _ F&B

Shoon Lae Ko Ko _ HK

Wai Yan Linn _ F&B

Tin Htut Naing _ F&B

Aung Min Khant _ FO

Cho Thwe Win _ HK

Kyay Mhon Win _ F&B

Click on the tabs to find certified students. ABROAD JOB PREPARATION COURSE

Barista and bartender  

1 Kaung Sek Lu

2 Hein Htet Zin

3 Khant Moe Yan

4 Soe Khaing Lin

5 Saw Blut Nay Htoo

6 Kaung Myat Thu

7 Saw Than Shwe Lay

8 Thet Paing Htut

9 Shwe Yamin Oo

10 Myo Ko Ko

11 Lae Darli Zaw

12 Aung Myo Zaw @ Andy

13 Myo Htet Thu

14 Ye Win San

15 Pyae Arr Marn

16 Po Mo Myint Myat

17 Thu Ra Lin

18 Sai Lin Khant @ Thin Zar Min Yin

19 Htet Nyi Nyi Chein

20 Hla Myo Naing

21 Htet Suu Wityi Ko

22 Aye Thet Thet Aung

23 Phoo Pyae Sone Aung

24 Htet Aung Lin

25 Phone Htet Min

26 Zarni Htun

27 Auzar Aung

28 Wanna

29 Htun Myat

30 Khine Ei San

31 Naw Zin Thwe Tun

32 Min Thant Zaw

33 Min Khant Oo

34 Joseph Van Bawi Lian

35 May Chit Loon Zaw

36 Aung Oakkar

37 Min Khant Kyaw

38 Thet Win Aung

39 Min Hein Kyaw

40 Kyaw Soe Naing

41 Wai Lin Aung

42 Hein Htet Say

43 Chan Myae Myat Cheal

44 Ye Yint Nyein Thu

45 Khin Sandar Lin

46 Pyae Sone Aung

47 Htet Thuya Aung

48 Lal Tan Puia

49 Soe Min Paing

50 Han Pyae Sone Aung

51 Tay Zaw Kyaw

52 Hlaing Min Aung

53 Ye Wint Htun

54 Myat Myint Thu

55 Khant Hein

56 San Maw Htoo

57 Phyo Thant Naung

58 Moe Moe Oo

59 Aye Zar Ni

60 Khant Si Thu Min

61 Aye Myat Mon

62 Paing Htet Min

63 Ye Wint Htun

64 Bhone Myat Pyae Sone

65 Khin Yi Mon

66 Thant Bo Htun

67 Min Khaing Khant

68 Kyaw Ko Ko

69 Wai Yan Phyoe

70 Kaung Myat Si Thu

71 Hein Zayar

72 Than Zaw Myint

73 Aung Pyae Sone Myat

74 Swe Myat Phone Thant

75 Shoon Yamone Tin Oo

76 Zin Mar Phyo Wai

77 May Thin Khaing

78 Soe Lin Tun

79 Kyaw Hset Lu

80 Aung Zay Ya

81 Htwe Ko Ko Aung

82 Yin May Ei

83 Bo Bo Aung

84 Pyay Zaw Paing

85 Ei Ei Ngone Hpu

86 Htoo Thant Paing

87 Hsu Than Sin

88 Paing Thukha

89 Saung Taw Win

90 Nay Lin Khant

91 Yoon Hsu Pan

92 Linn Latt Shwe Sin

93 Nyi Oak Soe

94 Zwe Wai Yan

95 Aung Hein Htet

96 Khant Min Naing

97 Tin Win Yee

98 Phyo Zay Oo

76 Zin Mar Phyo Wai

77 May Thin Khaing

78 Soe Lin Tun

79 Kyaw Hset Lu

80 Aung Zay Ya

81 Htwe Ko Ko Aung

82 Yin May Ei

83 Bo Bo Aung

84 Pyay Zaw Paing

85 Ei Ei Ngone Hpu

86 Htoo Thant Paing

87 Hsu Than Sin

88 Paing Thukha

89 Saung Taw Win

90 Nay Lin Khant

91 Yoon Hsu Pan

92 Linn Latt Shwe Sin

93 Nyi Oak Soe

94 Zwe Wai Yan

95 Aung Hein Htet

96 Khant Min Naing

97 Tin Win Yee

98 Phyo Zay Oo

hospitality english 

Click on the tabs to find certified students. HOSPITALITY ENGLISH COURSE

abroad job preparation course- MANDALAY

Click on the tabs to find certified students. AJP - Mandalay
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Certificate (food and beverage)

Click on the tabs to find certified students. FnB Weekend Course
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Click on the tabs to find certified students. HK Weekend Course

spa and wellness

Click on the tabs to find certified students. Spa and Wellness

Abroad Job Preparation MANDALAy

Click on the tabs to find certified students. AJP Mandalay

Click on the tabs to find certified students. ABROAD JOB PREPARATION COURSE


Click on the tabs to find certified students. Housekeeping  certificate


Click on the tabs to find certified students. Food Safety Management System

1.       Kaung Sek Lu

2.       Naw Par Par Eh

3.       Naw Mee Htwe

4.       Chaw Su Win

5.       Aye Thuzar Win

6.       Kay Khaing Soe

7.       Aung Kaung Mon

8.       Min Khant Zaw

9.       Tay Zar Tin Tun

10.   Nyan Htet Paing

11.   Lal tan Puia

12.   Win Moe Kyaw

13.   Aung Thet Oo

14.   Kaung Htet Soe

15.   Aung Min Khant

16.   Soe Min Paing

17.   Phoo Phoo

18.   Phu Pyae Sone

19.   Hein Htet Zin

20.   Si Thu Lin

21.   Set Paing Htuun

22.   Po Mo Myint Myat

23.   Pyae Arr marn

24.   Ye Win San

25.   Myo Ko Ko

26.   Lae Darli Zaw

27.   Saw Than Shwe Lay

28.   Shwe Yemin Oo

29.   Saw Blut Nay Htoo

30.   Thet Paing Htut

31.   Khant Moe Yan

32.   Soe Khaing Lin

20 Nov 2022

33.   Thu Ra Linn

34.   Hla Myo Naing

35.   Htet Nyi Nyi Chein

36.   Lwin Cho Cho Tint

37.   Pyae Phyo Thaw Tar Htet

38.   Khin Yadana Oo

39.   Ei Pwint Phyu Kyaw

40.   Wuttyi Htun

41.   Phyu Sin Lin Thant

42.   Eaint Po Po Hmoon

43.   Wai Yan Moe

44.   Hnin Moe Thu

45.   Soe Htwe

46.   Swe Swe Aung

47.   Hnaung Yu

48.   Kay Thwe Khine

49.   Zin Thu Tun

50.   Pyae Phyo Ag

51.   Khaing Thazin Ko Ko

52.   Htet Suu Wityi Ko

53.   Aye Thet Thet Aung

54.   Myo Min Latt

55.   Arkar Aung

56.   Ahkar Lin

57.   Si Thu Kyaw

58.   Zay Yar Linn

59.   Myo Wai Khant

60.   Paing Zin Moe Myint

61.   Hsu Myat Nyein

62.   Eaint Chaw Mon

63.   Sandar Kyaw

64.   Saw Yadanar

65.   Eaint Thet Hmue

66.   Aye Yati Moe

67.   Ingyin Hmue

68.   Naw Rutha

69.   Khine Yuya Wynee

70.   Htet Yadana Htun

71.   Hpone Min Myat Oo

72.   Wunna

73.   Thant Zin Tun

74.   Htet Aung Phyoe

75.   San Lin Aung

76.   Auzar Aung

77.   Min Zay Yar Aung

78.   Htet Aung Lin

79.   Phone Htet Min

80.   Phoo Pyae Sone Aung

81.   Zarni Htun


Hnin Myat Thu

83.   Zaw Win Naung

84.   Chit Min Thu

85.   Su Sandi Zaw

86.   Naw Cynthia Kyaw

87.   Hsu Myat Nandar

88.   Aye Aye Khine

89.   Kyu Kyu Hmwe

90.   Thidar Win

91.   Thet Oo Zin

92.   Khine Thinzar Lwin

93.   Han Nway Oo

94.   Kyay Mhon Win

95.   Shune Lae win

96.   Yair Min Htun

97.   Sai Wai Lin Naung

98.    Wai Yan Linn

99.   Zin Mar New

100.  Zin Zin Aung

101.     Khin Yadanar

102.                       Su Sandar Lwin

103.                       Kyel Sin Lin Latt

104.                       Kyaw Kyaw Han

105.                       Thet Paing Oo

106.                       Zin Ko Htet

107.                       Min Khant Oo

108.                       Kyaw Soe Naing

109.                       Min Hein Kyaw

110.                       Khine Ei San

111.                       Chan Myae Myat Cheal

112.                       Soe Yu New

113.                       Paing Phyo Zin

114.                       Thein Zaw Win

115.                       Ei Ei Lin

116.                       Nyein Su Thar

117.                       Thandar Wai

118.                       Thet Win Aung

119.                       Wai Lin Aung

120.                       Tin Htut Naing

121.                       Thet Phyo Lwin

122.                       Sai Myat Thu

123.                       Thant Toe Maung

124.                       Hein Htet Say

125.                       Min Khant Kyaw

126.                       Aung Oakkar

127.                       May Chit Loon Zaw

26 Feb 2023


128.                       Kaung Satt Thu

129.                       Theint Nandar Soe

130.                       Mary Shine

131.                       Linn htay Linn

132.                       Reng Rem Thanga

133.                       Hsu Pyae Khin

134.                       Hnit Oo Wai

135.                       Thin Lae Lae han

136.                       Vanlalmuan puia

137.                       Lin Lin Tun

138.                       Zar ni htun

139.                       Thet Mon Wint

140.                       Naw Reign Kid Sho

141.                       Khoon Sint Tha

142.                       Khin Chan Myae Kyaw

143.                       Ingyin Hmwe

144.                       Ye Yint

145.                       Htet Thuya Aung

146.                       Shoon Lett Yee Kyaw

147.                       Khin Sandar Lin

148.                       Han Pyae Sone Aung

149.                       Chit Myat Noe Thwe

150.                       May Thawdar Tun

151.                       Pyae Sone Aung

152.                       Thu Zan Tun

153.                       Tay Zar Kyaw

154.                       Min Htet

155.                       Hnin Inzali

156.                       Phyo Zaw Hein

157.                       Hmue Pyi Sone Khaing

158.                       Khun Thwal Thwal

159.                       Naw Elvinar Shwe

160.                       Arkar Myint Myat

161.                       Shin Thant Yi

162.                       Khant Hein

163.                       Khant Sithu Min

164.                       San Maw Htoo

165.                       Moe Moe Oo

166.                       Aye Zar Ni

167.                       Theint Thazin Htwe

168.                       Ye Wint Htun

169.                       Paing Htet Min

170.                       Myat Myint Thu

171.                       Aye Myat Mon

18 Mar 2023



172.                       Mi Aye Chan Myat Aung

173.                       May Thazin Oo

174.                       No Zue Thet

175.                       Wai Yan Min Thu

176.                       Wut Yee Kyaw

177.                       Htet Htet Win War

178.                       Htut Aung Aye

179.                       Phyo Thiri han

180.                       July Moe

181.                       Lal Than Liana

182.                       Theingi Win Naing

183.                       Wint Yi Myo Oo

184.                       Hsu Shwe Yee Pwint

185.                       Aung Khant Paing

186.                       Su Myat Zar Ni

187.                       Nang Khin Poeei Aung

188.                       Naing Arkar

189.                       Min Min Myat

190.                       Pa Pa Win

191.                       Moe Moe San

192.                       Mar Oo

193.                       Mai Nyin Phwe

194.                       Naing Thu

195.                       Aye Hnin Pwint

196.                       Aye Thet Hmue

197.                       Sai Minn Khant Kyaw

198.                       Kaung Htet Thar

199.                       Phyo Thiha Kyaw

200.                       Khant Kyaw

201.                       Htet Htet Aung

202.                       Chyu Thitsar

203.                       Honey Cho

204.                       Thinzar Aung Myint

205.                       May Khant Thu


23 Apr 2023

May Yoon Thiri

207.                       Khin Nandar Khaing

208.                       Bhone Myat Tarrar

209.                       Aung Min Khaing

210.                       Nan San Pa Pa Lin Htut

211.                       Shwe Ye Win Htet

212.                       Hein Nyunt Zaw

213.                       Ei Ei Paing

214.                       Moe Maddy Thant

215.                       May Thae Naing

216.                       Eaint Thazin

217.                       May Su Mon

218.                       Swe Mar Sint

219.                       Htet Htet Win

220.                       Thandar kyaw

221.                       Hsu Hlyan Phyo

222.                       Thant Zin

223.                       Shwe Yee Phoo

224.                       Saw Thazin Htwe

225.                       Thandar Aung

226.                       Ei Shwe Sin

227.                       Kaung Si Thu

228.                       Sai Soe Min Oo


24 June 2023

Shwe San


230.                       Nandar Win

231.                       Thin Kyi Kyi San

232.                       Aung Zayya

233.                       Nu Nu Yin

234.                       Shin Thant Thu Ra

235.                       Baik Tha Cer

236.                       Sandy Htwe

237.                       A Me Me Phyo

238.                       Pyae Phyo Naing

239.                       Win Pa Pa Aung

240.                       Pyay Zaw Paing

241.                       May Thoon Hein

242.                       Ei Ei Phyo

243.                       Hein Htet Zaw

244.                       Thwe Thwe Aung

245.                       Nay San Oo

246.                       Sandy

247.                       Theint Thazin

248.                       Wint Shwe Yee Oo

249.                       Ngwe Zin Htet

250.                       Yoon Home Phoo Chit

251.                       Yati Thaw

252.                       Zin Wine

253.                       Ye Zaw Htet

254.                       Chit Myo Myo Nyi Nyi

255.                       Thiha Aung

256.                       Lamin Thant

22 July 2023


257.                       Moe Pwint

258.                       Kaung Htet Oo

259.                       Yin Yin Hlaing

260.                       Khin Su Han

261.                       Ei Myat Ko Ko

262.                       Nan Aye Pyae San

263.                       Swe Myat Phone Thant

264.                       Theint La Pyae Aung

265.                       Ei Thae Phyu

266.                       Aeint Thuzar Myint

267.                       Htet Myat Lwin

268.                       Aung Ko Min

269.                       Pyae Sone Zaw

270.                       Pyae Phyo Oo

271.                       Theint Thu Zun

272.                       Naing Aung Sat

273.                       Aung Thura

274.                       Kaung Sitt Thway

275.                       Kyaw Thu Aung

276.                       Thae Thae Hnin Aye

277.                       Mya Myint Zu Win

278.                       Ya Min Zaw

3 October 2023



279.                       Zin Min Thu

280.                       Thandar Oo

281.                       Yea La

282.                       Nang Kham Lar

283.                       Eaint Myat Myo Thwin

284.                       Aung Khant Zaw

285.                       Hnin Wai Thin

286.                       Ei Kay Khaing

287.                       Naw Moo Tha Khu

288.                       Thant Zin Aung

289.                       Thuta Zaw

290.                       Nay Linn Htun

291.                       Zin Myo Naing

292.                       Thidar Aung

293.                       Wint Thinzar Kyaw

294.                       Ye Yint Htet

295.                       Min Htet Aung

296.                       May Phyo Thant

297.                       Wint War Hlaing

298.                       Thaw Tar Tun

299.                       May Thazin Phoo

300.                       Lae Yee Moe

301.                       Soe Myat New

302.                       Khin Myanmar Linn

303.                       Thu Thu Zin

304.                       Manuele Chit Maung

305.                       Kaung Khant Mg Mg

306.                       Thein Zaw

307.                       Swan Htet Paing

308.                       Yan Lin Aung

309.                       Htet A Kri Kyawt

310.                       Khin Wut Hmone Aung

311.                       Nareerat Lwin

312.                       Steven Ram Tin Thang

313.                       Minn Khant Kyaw

314.                       Shine Htet Aung

315.                       Khaing Min Soe

316.                       Ye Htet Kyaw

317.                       Nan Yupar Aung

318.                       Hsu Myat Mon

319.                       Mai Thin Yu Hlaing

320.                       Zin Mae Po

321.                       Thandar Aung

322.                       Thawdar Chan Myae

323.                       Naw Thet Po Po Soe

324.                       Naw Su Ohnmar Kyaw

325.                       Khin Htike San

326.                       Shwe Sin Soe

327.                       Myat Myat Su

328.                       Win Ko Ko

329.                       Aung Kyaw Soe


17December 2023



330.                       Wai Yan Myint

331.                       Naw Hser Gay Phaw

332.                       Yoon Myint Mo Thant

333.                       Thiri Zin

334.                       Moe Sandar Myint

335.                       Pyae Sone Kyaw Thu

336.                       Shwe Yamone Oo

337.                       Sing Sian Mung

338.                       Thiri Shwe Eain

339.                       Aung Htet Lin

340.                       Zin Thwe Thwe Tun

341.                       Su Yamin

342.                       Aye Chan Nyi Nyi

343.                       Tha Zin Than

344.                       Win Ko Ko

345.                       Darli Thandar Aung

346.                       Htet Su Htay

347.                       Phyu Phyu Sandar Tun

348.                       Shwe Zin Wyne